Wheeling Toughman Ring Girl Competition


Ring Girl

Ring Girl

Pics of our Ring Girls, live in action, at the 34th Annual Toughman Contest, 3/07-08/14

For hundreds of pics from the Finals on 2/28/14, click HERE

For hundreds of pics from the First Round on 2/21/14, click HERE

Scroll to the bottom of the page for Photo Archives from past years

Thank you to everyone who came out for our annual Toughman Ring Girl competition at River City Ale Works this year!!!

The 2014 Ring Girl Contest is Sponsored in part by:  Utica Safety Apparel, R&R Smokehouse Bar & Grill, Nana's Landing, Ruttenbuck's Bar & Grill, Budweiser & Bud Light, Valley Harley Davidson, Laws of Attraction, The Ink Shack Tattoo, Western Branch Diesel, The 19th Hole.


2014 - Ring Girls @ Toughman Contest

2014 - Ring Girl, Finals

2014 - Ring Girl, First Round

2013 - Ring Girl, Finals

2013 - Ring Girl, First Round

2012 - Ring Girl, Finals

2012 - Ring Girl, First Round

2011 - Ring Girl, Finals

2010 - Ring Girl

2009 - Ring Girl, Finals

2009 - Ring Girl, First Round



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